Hannah (missmuse) wrote,

oasis baby

i was more of a Blur fan back in the day of the oasis v blur rivalry thing..... but .. ok, i may be stating the obvious here, but Oasis fucking rock. I'm watching them on BBC2 right now live at Glastonbury and the hairs all over my body are on end.

I want to go to Glasto.. i wish I could have gone... i love festivals.. love them love them... and oasis are amazing... i might only be able to go to the worse one of the lot this year V... but next year i must go to Glasto. There are so many people .. look at all the people...

'Don't look back in anger' has never sounded so good

currently trying to find (anyone who reads this thing) links to a soundbite. Well i can't find an Oasis clip but there are Muse, Elbow , Keane and Franz Ferdinand here.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/glastonbury/watch_listen.shtml

tried to find some pics (obviously these are for the benefit of those with the bbc.. and who might not know what glasto is) but i can't find any at the moment.. damn dial up

anyhoos... that's all
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